Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Only Believe!


Has that trial in your life been going on so long
That everything in you screams, "This is so wrong."

You can't understand, it seems God is far away
As with tears you cry out to Him everyday,

If you read God's Word His truth you will see
That He has a job for you and a job for me,

ONLY BELIEVE! is what He has to say
At His feet this problem you must lay,

In His time and in His way
An answer to your problem will be there one day,

Keep on believing, don't lose hope
He'll give you His grace enabling you to cope,

Keep your eyes on Him as to to Him you cleave
He has promised He will never forsake you or leave,

Give Him time to work it all out
The devil just wants you to worry and doubt,

Praising Him is one thing He's looking for
To bless you is what He has in store,

So no matter what, even when you don't understand
ONLY BELIEVE! that's what moves His hand.

By Beverly Shaffer

Believe...to have confidence in the truth (God's Word & Jesus are our TRUTH), the existence, or the reliability of something, although without absolute proof thatone is right in doing so. (

“I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!” [Mark 9:24]

Just as the father of the boy who was healed of the evil spirit came to Jesus for help, often we also come to Jesus in hopes that He "can" help us with a half-doubting spirit.  We may have heard that He came through for "Such-and-Such", and I am sure we may even recall how He came through for us in the past, but once again, we approach Him with an "if you can you do anything?" spirit and His question to us is, "If you (I) can?" [Mark8:22-23]!!!  But our Lord desires for us to "come BOLDLY to the throne of grace..." [Hebrews 4:15], have faith in His capabilities and believe."  It is our faith that pleases God [Hebrews 11:6].  So reach out for His help and BELIEVE!  And when you feel a little doubt creeping up along side that BELIEF, pray that He will help you overcome (that) unbelief [Mark 9:24].  He is faithful, He will do it, and He will perform that miracle in your life, JUST AS HE DID for the father of the son with that demon possessed spirit!

"But when Jesus heard it, he answered him, saying, Fear not: believe only, and she shall be made whole" [Luke 8:50]

Mad Luv~Teri

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