Monday, March 14, 2011

Yes, Lord!...As You Have Said

" 'I am the Lord's servant,...May it be to me as you have said.' " [Luke 1:38]

Ever since 2006 when I saw the movie, The Nativity, each Christmas my heart is led to reflect on Mary and the great bravery that she showed as just a young woman.  So often we recall the birth story of Jesus as if it is just another story or nursery rhyme; not taking the time to truly dissect it and relate to it as a true, real, and human experience that occurred over 2000 years ago.  Prior to 2006, I had simply viewed Mary as the sweet lady, wearing a blue or white head covering, that happened to be Joseph's wife, and happened to be chosen to give birth to Jesus. 

It was not until viewing this movie that I really began to have a deep respect for Mary and viewed her as a courageous woman of faith.  I mean really...she was fourteen and pledged to marry an older man that she did not know well and was not her personal choice- pick.  And although she's pledged to be his wife, she has not spent one night in intimacy with him; though she was expected to carry herself as if she were a married committed woman already.  And as if this marriage  was not already enough to be sprung on this young woman, then, she is told that she "will be with child and give birth to a son"...who "The Lord God will give him a throne..." (Luke 1: 31 & 32); and she has never done the physical act to even be in this predicament.  Everyone knows that you cannot get pregnant without physical intimacy, so her family and community will either assume she was with Joseph prematurely or with some other man; which would be even worse!  And in the face of being presented with such tremendous, life altering news that seems impossible, maybe unfathomable, and could possibly make her a social outcast, could cause strife within her family and even set her up to be stoned...She says, "YES, LORD"..."May it be to me as you have said."

As I reflect on Mary's great faith and courage, I wonder how many of us would have such great faith and hope in our Lord that we would say, "Yes" to Him, in a moment's notice, though it may mean facing social rejection and discomfort?  How many of us, would say, "Yes", knowing that what may lie ahead of us could be unknown and challenging?  How many of us would even say "Yes" to carrying a child when that was not a part of our life plan, YET? How many would say "Yes" in the face of death?

As Mary, "treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart" (Luke 2:19), I believe that Mary's example is worth us doing some pondering about the decisions and sacrifices we make  for God (and His greater cause) in our own lives today?

Are we surrendering our lives & will to God?
Hmmm...something to think on...

Short & sweet, yet deep!

Mad Luv~Teri

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