Our History

Before Women of the Battlefield Ministries even had a name, it was already germinating.  In 2006, God placed in my heart the desire to attend the Paula White Ministries' Satisfied Women's Retreat in September of that year in Orlando, and to invite a host of other women from various states (whom had touched my life in some way or another).  Upon the coming of that retreat, I had encouraged at least a troop of  10-12 women (some saved and some not) to fly out from various states and convene in Florida for this event.  In anticipation for this retreat, I composed and mailed out an encouraging letter to each women attending in order to get them pepped up and prayed up for our upcoming trip.  This letter was my first, Holy Spirit-urged, correspondence intended to encourage and uplift a group of women.

Despite challenges that arose directly affecting my travel and child care arrangements (which I am persuaded to believe where the darts of the enemy aimed to thwart my God-directed plans and event), I made it to Florida to meet with the ladies and have God change our lives.

Upon returning from the retreat, I once again felt the urging of the Lord to compose an inspirational postcard, meant to encourage the group of women whom attend the retreat to continue in the Lord and His purpose with the strength and tenacity of a soldier.  I created a cute postcard with the image of a Roman soldier, dressed for battle, included my encouraging message with scripture, and shipped them out. 

Approximately two months later, while enjoying a rare moment of plane travel without kiddies or my hub, God practically began to whisper in my ear the name of this ministry, its mission, and his plans for its direction.  Overwhelmed with the idea that this information was not born from my OWN NATURAL mind, I eagerly jotted down the flood of information.

Although, it has been over four whole years since I was called to this ministry, Women of the Battlefield Ministries and its mission has been alive in my heart.  Though not officially and regularly, through the years as I've felt led, I have allowed myself to be transparent and frank by writing blogs or Facebook notes to share my testimony and thus encourage, enlighten, and empower others in the Lord, His Word, and the power of His might.  The only difference now, is my commitment to actively move forward with the re-birth of this ministry through an official blog/page site, quarterly newsletters, and eventually intimate and annual Women of the Battlefield Ministries hosted women's retreats.  I believe that God birthed this ministry in my heart years ago, but I had a lot more living and learning to do in Him, before it was time for me to push "it" out in the delivery room.

With all that being said, I hope that you will join our troops in this "battle" that we call "life" as a fellow soldier!  Be encouraged by this blog/page and feel free to share your feeling and testimonies.  Also, know that I am hardly someone that has ARRIVED or has the answers to everything:  I am just another one of God's human soldiers who "works on the side" as a woman, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend and has experienced many ups and downs in life, just as you may have.