Sunday, February 13, 2011


Welcome to Women of the Battlefield Ministries! What better month than February to launch this new blog, website, and ministry as we celebrate all it's definitions! As a soldier woman in God's army, surprisingly, one of your most useful weapons of choice to overcome the power and success of the enemy will be LOVE. Though love sounds sweet and soft, love is a powerful and mighty weapon! Love is disarming (Romans 12:20~interpreted), love covers a multitude of sin (1 Peter 4:8), love NEVER FAILS (1 Corin. 13:8).

It is important to note however that the type of love weapon I speak of is not the sweet, soft, lofty, gushy, "Valentine's Day Love" that you may think of. It's not sexy or warm and cozy! It's active, it's purposeful, it's deliberate, it's contrary to self, and it requires courage, perseverance, and commitment. It's the type of love that requires you to go way beyond and against your "feelings" and your flesh at times; in complete antithesis to what you may truly want to do. It is a wonderful, sacrificial love that essentially puts others first and let's God do a work in you that will result in His glory to further the growth of His Kingdom.

The love weapon is Agape love. According to Got Questions Ministries, "agape is love which is of and from God, whose very nature is love itself". "The essence of agape love is self-sacrifice...sacrificial love is not based on feelings, but a determined act of the will, a joyful resolve to put the welfare of others before our own. But this kind of love does not come naturally to humans. Because of our fallen nature, we are incapable of producing such a love. If we are to love as God loves, that love-that agape-can only come from its true Source."

God IS LOVE! He doesn't just show acts of love to us, HE IS LOVE. And because we are all made in His image, we are capable of acting in that same type of agape love- YET, in HIS STRENGTH and with HIS HELP. As God loved us sacrificially and gave His son for us, to cleanse us from all sin and shame, He expects us to love as well. And God is our "source" in being capable of this same type of love!

As I may say from time to time, I have surely not arrived and am no perfect human, but I have had my share of being the receiver of betrayal, deception, and offense over the past seven years. Fiery darts have been thrown at me from individuals clearly clothed as my enemy, and more painfully from those in my own "brigade" close to my heart and life. However, through it all, my experience has been that the "weapon of agape love", coupled with forgiveness, has never failed and proved itself tried and true for me. Do not get me wrong, I have had to fight through anger, hurt, resentment, and all sorts of damaged feeling inside. However, the more quickly I determined to push through to pray, laid my myriad of feelings down before God, and picked up LOVE, the more free I felt and the more successful I was journeying on the "right" path for my life.

If you make one plan or decision for your Valentine's Day tomorrow, I hope that you will CHOOSE to lay the "weapon of self" down and have courage to wield up the "weapon of agape love"'; you will WIN the battle, EVERY TIME. And then again, our battle orders from God ARE "a new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, love one another" (John 13:34).
Are you ready to WIN???

Mad Luv from me to u!

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